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The show

First Of All…

Web TV is a project which is extremely up to date and modern. The idea is sharing contents about “nightworld” (which has always been a special part of the spirit of this island) on web pages available worldwide easily and at low cost. Users will check what’s happening in Ibiza through a real dedicated TV, with reportages and interviews with people who live there, an approach that will increase the enthusiasm of the “entertainment operators” always looking for new media to self promote their activities.
“Ibiza On TV” is the most concrete promotion project in a place that since 20 years captures the attention of anybody involved in turism! Ibiza is an island that is much appreciated not only for the beauty of the temperatures, of landscapes, of the sea but especially for the well known fun opportunities offered there.

The Choice

A pearl in the Mediterranean which is the perfect place for events and always a favorite choice by VIPs and by the whole international jet set, in the fashion camp, or gossipwise, fun and even excess . “Ibiza On TV” is the natural media vehicle to promote activities which, just for happening in Ibiza, become certainly “exclusive”.

The Project

Creating a TV web channel which operates 24 hours a day, with contents regarding nightlife on Ibiza, specials on the best clubs, on the dj sets (with interviews to internationally famous Djs), concerts and with programs by hosts directly from the “inn” nights of the Baleari. Official website access is with all interfaces to view videos with different software.


The production and the authors will give much result to the brands of the sponsors and to the photos of the locations: all the sponsors will have maximum visibility on the channel which tents to become “THE” guide of Ibiza’s nights!

The Programs

Fresh, young, dynamic and modern! The programs will be highly interactive, with an attention even on the music world and its main protagonists. A flexible palimpsest which will capture not only the web users but also people of all ages and tastes: our formats will be easy to watch, captivating and irresistible!


An “up to date TV”: easy, fast and aggressive. Our main target will be the people that love living the night in Ibiza with high spirit! Not only: our users will feel to be an interactive part of this TV channel which will reflect all their desires. We will also work on programs that will go on air on the web from the most important club of Ibiza, with the possibility of interaction of the web users during the events.
IbizaOnTV will be nightworld’s most enjoyable and attractive new event on line! Success is guaranteed! Jump on it!